Building Evaluations & Assessments

Building Evaluations & Assessments photo of a level ruler on rolls of paper representing building evaluation

There are times during the life cycle of a building that it needs to be evaluated and assessed to determine its feasibility for renovation and improvements. It may be at a time of purchase where a potential buyer needs to perform due diligence to determine if a building and its components/systems are suitable and in good condition. It may be at a time when a building will undergo changes in use and occupancy, and an assessment needs to be made regarding code compliance, including Life Safety and Accessibility. It may be at a time when space planning, energy improvements, or long-term maintenance budgets need to be considered. Whatever the needs, Haley Ward has a team of professionals ready to assist building owners with these and other building system assessments. Haley Ward has a staff of architects, structural, mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineers that can evaluate and assess all aspects of a building and its components.

Typical Haley Ward Building Evaluations and Assessment Services Include:

  • General Building Evaluations
  • OSHA Load Rating Evaluation and Compliance
  • Capital Needs Assessments
  • Energy Audits and Building Envelope Assessments
  • Code Review and Compliance
  • Space Planning and Floor Plan Development
  • Structural Analysis and Design
  • Building Damage Assessments