Best Places To Work

See Why Our Employees Like Working at Haley Ward

What does Haley Ward do that makes it a place where people would want to work?  Here’s just a few things that our employees had to say:

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“Encourages individual growth and a balanced life, while focusing on quality and safety.  This puts us in a position to easily satisfy our clients, which in turn, helps our overall growth.”

“Latest technology, great working environment, great atmosphere, great people, flexible schedule, great leadership.”

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“Strives to be a good employer by providing fantastic work environments and benefits for its employees.  Great work/life balance and supervisors that care about their employees.”

“The open nature of our organization, with collaboration across departments, frequently engenders new opportunities for career growth.  You can be hired with one particular skill set, and through working on projects across disciplines, develop new skills that take your career down completely new and unexpected paths.”

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“The company encourages empowerment of its employees and works on a broad management structure that allows staff to step into roles to gain leadership experience.”

“The organization provides a super professional environment with the flexibility that reminds me of working for a friend.  While we deliver high quality products and services, we are given the flexibility to maintain our personal lives without repercussions.”

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photo of hallway with glass doors in office space

“Creates a great working environment where you can do your job in a relaxed atmosphere.  Takes care of their employees with great benefits.”

“Everyone in the company is great to work with.  Everyone!!  You can hear laughter down the hall, in meetings, and at my desk.  We work well together to get things done.  I just love the atmosphere here.”

photo of proud to be one of the best places to work in maine 2015 award

“We care about and love our community! We are a Cornerstone with the United Way. We hold drives for the homeless shelter. We have food drives for Eastern Area Agency on Aging for pet food.”