Capital Needs Assessments & Services

Capital Needs Assessments & Services photo of brick apartment buildings along a street

We offer resources that can assist property managers or owners. We understand the need to secure funds/grants for your projects; and that many agencies and financial institutions require Capital Needs Assessments (CNA) and/or Environmental Assessments prior to award.

A CNA is an inspection of a property’s buildings and site that provides a cost estimate of replacing and or maintaining certain items. CNAs are helpful tools for newly constructed buildings, historic buildings, multifamily, and elderly housing projects. the assessment report is spanned over twenty years and projects an estimated budget and in what year the items need to be addressed.

This reporting tool that assesses capital needs now and into the future is beneficial to both owners and managers of properties. A CNA gives realistic and timely information about specific building(s), building systems and component life cycles; as well as the total cost of ownership of a building over a defined period of time. If you are seeking private or public funding for a specific project, a CNA is required every two years.

Many funding sources also require Environmental and/or Hazardous Materials Assessments, including Asbestos, Lead-based Paint, Radon, and Petroleum investigations. Haley Ward, Inc. has experienced and licensed professionals that can support these assessments and assist you in managing environmental concerns, should they be identified.

We have performed over 100 CNAs and have helped many property owners receive proper funding from banks, MaineHousing, and Rural Development. Our environmental team has been working for decades helping our clients comply with local, state, and federal permitting and regulatory requirements. Contact us today!