Internships at Haley Ward

photo of an engineer and surveyor working in the field

At Haley Ward we believe that attracting talented, motivated people goes hand in hand with remaining competitive in today’s ever-changing business landscape. That is why at Haley Ward we position ourselves at the cutting edge of technological advancements so you can rest assured that you will always be up-to-speed with the latest innovations and tools that you need to get ahead in your career.

“ One of the most remarkable aspects of my journey at Haley Ward has been the introduction to exceptional mentors who have not only guided me through this new opportunity but have also allowed me the space to learn and grow independently. What sets Haley Ward apart is the culture of treating interns as equal colleagues rather than mere students, fostering a sense of inclusion and collaboration.”

Hannah Dunn – University of Maine

Our intern program offers hands-on experience in engineering, surveying, and architecture. Interns collaborate on real-word projects, benefit from mentorship, and gain exposure to a diverse range of tasks. It’s a dynamic learning environment, fostered in a collaborative atmosphere that sets the stage for valuable professional growth.

“I began my journey as an intern, and from day one, I felt that I had found my professional home. The supportive environment fostered by my supervisors and peers made me realize that I wanted to build a long-lasting career with Haley Ward. As I navigated through technical work with clients, I found the work challenging and that I was making a difference every day. Today, as a Vice President, I am proud to have been part of a team that not only supports individual growth but also ensures that operational strategies align with our path to success. Haley Ward is not just a workplace; it’s a community that encourages growth and values each employee-owner’s contribution.”

Andrea Dickinson, Vice President, Project Manager, Project Engineer

Internship Opportunities at Haley Ward

Summer Internship Program Timeline

Internship Application Open in November and Accepted on a Rolling Basis
December – Ongoing
December – May
Offers Extended
Mid – May
Internship Program Starts
Internship Program Ends