Mechanical System Evaluations

Mechanical System Evaluations photo of green pipes at an industrial complex

Our mechanical engineers review and design highly efficient HVAC systems for buildings of all types. Efficient energy usage in buildings is often a key “concern” for clients when retrofitting an older building or designing a new one. Our mechanical engineers work closely with our structural unit to provide residential, commercial, and industrial clients the systems that meet budget, energy usage, and sustainability goals. By understanding clients’ needs, we can advise particular changes or upgrades that could enhance their system whether it’s a standard system or an alternative system, such as Solar Domestic Hot Water Preheat Systems.

Haley Ward’s mechanical and plumbing engineering services are focused on creating high performance environments. Our solutions support a building’s purpose with systems that optimize the personal experience; promote productivity; and deliver practical results to owners, tenants, architects, and operators.

Haley Ward’s experience with a wide variety of HVAC and plumbing systems drives our achievement of these outcomes. We use our knowledge to the advantages that each option presents to customize a solution that will achieve your unique system performance goals.

Utilizing the latest tools and processes, our team works collaboratively with all stakeholders to identify your project requirements and create efficient, effective solutions. From mechanical infrastructure master planning to system restoration, your team will be assembled with the expertise and experience to address your needs.


  • Feasibility Studies, Facility Assessments & Master Planning
  • Energy Modeling, Life Cycle Costs & Payback Analysis
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Construction Drawings & Specification Preparation
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Peer Review Services
  • Trouble-shooting Existing Systems & Components
  • VRF Refrigerant Systems
  • Chiller Plants
  • Central Hydronic & Steam Boiler Plants & Distribution Systems
  • Constant or Variable Volume Air Handling Systems
  • CoGeneration
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Medical Gas Systems
  • Industrial Gas Systems
  • Domestic Hot/Cold Water Distribution Systems
  • Sanitary & Roof Drainage Systems
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation & Exhaust Systems


  • AOS #47 & CSD #8
  • RSU #76 & Sedgwick School
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Bay Ferry Terminal Land Port of Entry
  • Penquis CAP
  • Downeast Orthopedics
  • Bangor Schools
  • Machias Savings Bank
  • Unity Fire Station
  • VA Medical Center