Mechanical & Electrical System Evaluations

Mechanical & Electrical System Evaluations

Haley Ward performs existing condition studies to provide the owner with a baseline condition of the MEP systems. The Mechanical and Electrical existing conditions evaluations are performed by professional engineers and licensed master electricians. Evaluating the existing conditions are critical to a successful project. Haley Ward can provide an overview of the facilities main engineering systems, assess the capacities of the main engineering systems and provide input on engineering system improvements to support the overall facility master plan.


  • Domestic Water Service
  • Domestic Hot Water System
  • Fire Protection System
  • Chilled Water System
  • Condenser Water System
  • Normal Electrical Power System
  • Emergency Power Electrical System
  • Temperature Control System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Telecommunications Sistem
  • SCADA System

The terms good condition and fair condition are used to indicate in a very general, subjective fashion how the respective equipment appears to the surveyor during a walk-through. We review age and typical life expectancy for equipment being evaluated as well as perform visual and audio inspections where appropriate. Haley Ward staff often interviews facility personnel regarding performance of the equipment being evaluated to gain a better understanding of known issues.

Code deficiency refers to an occasion where the respective equipment or system does not appear to meet current code requirements. Often, code deficiencies are not addressed until equipment or systems are replaced due to inadequate capacity or excessive age, or when the area served is renovated. Because facility infrastructure codes are upgraded frequently and because code upgrades typically result in more stringent codes, it is common for facility infrastructure in excess of 15 years old to exhibit code deficiencies.

Code violation refers to an occasion where the respective equipment or system does not appear to have met requirements in place at the time of installation. Code violations are not protected by a “grandfather” clause and should be addressed at the facilities earlier possible opportunity.

For Electrical Systems Evaluations and Design Contact Phillip Badger, III, PE Senior Project Engineer
For Mechanical Systems Evaluations and Design Contact Curt Bartram, PE – Senior Project Engineer