Wetland / Habitat Mapping / Delineation

Wetland Habitat Mapping Delineation photo of marsh on a cloudy day near sunset

At Haley Ward, we understand the critical role wetlands and habitats play in ecosystem health and biodiversity. Our mapping and delineation services go beyond mere compliance; we strive to be stewards of the environment. Whether you’re planning a construction project, conducting ecological research, or ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, our team is equipped to deliver precise and reliable wetland/habitat maps. Trust Haley Ward for services that not only meet regulatory requirements but also promote responsible environmental practices, fostering a harmonious coexistence between development and nature.

With a focus on environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance, our commitment to precision, coupled with a dedication to ecological integrity, sets us apart as a reliable partner for projects seeking to balance development goals with environmental responsibility. Choose Haley Ward for a seamless integration of expertise and technology in the service of preserving and understanding our natural habitats.

Project Strategy and Planning

  • Land Use Planning and Design
  • Multi-disciplinary Project Management
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Public Involvement and Facilitation
  • Coastal and Waterfront Planning
  • Mitigation and Compensation

Wetland and Natural Resources

  • Wetland Delineation and Mapping
  • Wetland Functional Assessment

Habitat Assessment and Inventory

  • Vernal Pool Identification
  • Eel Grass Surveys
  • Significant Bird Habitat Identification
  • Coastal Habitat Assessments
  • GIS Mapping

Landfill and Transfer Station Site Investigations

  • Soil and Water Sampling, Monitoring
  • Soil/Groundwater Remediation Systems
  • Vadose Zone Monitoring Systems
  • Stormwater Management Evaluation
  • Landfill Gas Monitoring