Johanna Szillery, LSS

Project Manager/Senior Project Scientist

Johanna Szillery has 15 years of experience in the soil science, and natural resources field, which includes positions in academic research, Federal government, and as an environmental consultant.  She is a wetland scientist and a Maine Certified Soil Scientist (ME LSS 494).  Johanna specializes in wetland and natural resource delineation, planning, and permitting, soil surveys and soil suitability assessments.  She has completed wetland delineation and natural resource identification for residential, commercial, industrial and government clients on land in Maine and New Hampshire.  She has experience in wetland, stream, vernal pool, and wildlife habitat identification.  Johanna has worked with a variety of clients and with State and Federal regulators to meet the goals of each through the permitting process.  As a soil scientist, Johanna has performed soil surveys throughout Maine, from general planning level soil surveys to high-intensity soil surveys specific to the proposed development.