Stormwater Management & Collection

Haley Ward provides comprehensive engineering and design services for stormwater management and collection. Stormwater runoff may still be an issue for some older municipal wastewater systems as excessive stormwater inflow may cause wastewater conveyance systems to overflow and contaminate surrounding bodies of water. Haley Ward is skilled in evaluating the condition of existing systems, as well as designing system separation (to separate stormwater and wastewater systems) and the reconstruction of underground utilities and pump stations.


  • Stormwater Studies
  • Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies
  • Drainage System Planning
  • & Design
  • Permitting/Licensing/ Regulatory Compliance
  • Residuals Management
  • FEMA Grant Application Assistance Hydraulic Modeling
  • Computer Analysis
  • & Modeling
  • System & Upgrade Design
  • Pipe Condition Assessments
  • Cross Connection Evaluation