Reality Capture Services

Embark on a journey of unparalleled accuracy and precision with Haley Ward’s Reality Capture services, a cornerstone of our comprehensive Building Information Modeling (BIM) offerings. Our cutting-edge technology, paired with a team of skilled experts, allows us to seamlessly convert the physical environment into precise digital replicas.

Through a process of collecting millions of accurate data points per setup, laser scanning captures point clouds of data which, when registered, create a 3D point cloud of the scanned area or building. Immediately useable for visual, linear, area, and volume analysis, we can create intelligent Revit® or other software models for architectural, structural, and MEPFP systems.

Haley Ward, a leader in BIM Management & Coordination services has utilized 3D Laser Scanning to measure and model existing conditions at biomedical, hospital, commercial, and other complex facilities. Our professional team has a proven method of approach, combined with technical expertise and a deep understanding of how to scan and model building systems, to consistently deliver accurate and thorough results.


  • Accurate, Quick Measurements
  • Detailed 3D Point Cloud Model
  • Snapshot in Time – Digital Record
  • Non-Intrusive, Non-Contact & Safe
  • Reduced Site Visits
  • 3D Point-Cloud from which Intelligent Revit® Models, Sysque® & CAD Drawings can be created