Vertical Harvest

Westbrook, Maine

Project Scope

Based in Jackson, Wyoming, Vertical Harvest is dedicated to revitalizing local food systems through the implementation of hydroponic, vertical, controlled environment agriculture. The organization collaborates with communities to transform underutilized urban spaces, enabling upward growth on significantly smaller land footprints compared to traditional agriculture. The innovative concept involves the use of a mechanized greenhouse system that is highly automated and complex, representing a significant leap forward in urban agriculture that not only conserves space but also utilizes 85% less water, allowing for the swift and efficient year-round production of fresh produce.

Haley Ward’s BIM team has played a pivotal role in advancing the Vertical Harvest Project as they expand across the country, starting in Westbrook, Maine. The project, currently under construction, is a multi-story building that will house a state-of-the-art mechanized greenhouse system designed to efficiently grow lettuce. By locally growing lettuce in a vertical building in urban Maine, the project aims to reduce the environmental impact associated with shipping and trucking produce over long distances.

The scope of Haley Ward’s involvement in the Vertical Harvest Project encompasses laser scanning, modeling, and coordination efforts. The team’s use of cutting-edge technology, such as virtual reality presentations, has been instrumental in helping stakeholders visualize the project and understand its intricacies.

The unique challenges posed by this project include ongoing interior fit-out of mechanical components, coordination with fabricators, and adapting the grow equipment to fit into the tight spaces of the building. The team’s ability to integrate laser scanning data into the modeling process has proved invaluable, particularly given the existing structure’s meld with new grow equipment. Adding to the intricacy of the project, many of the subcontractors are based in Europe, which adds a layer of complexity to scheduling that encompasses numerous time zones.

In summary, Haley Ward’s BIM team’s expertise, adaptability, and technological prowess have been instrumental in advancing the Vertical Harvest Project, a pioneering initiative that combines urban agriculture, advanced greenhouse technology, and a commitment to sustainability.



Laser Scanning, BIM Management & Coordination, Modeling, 4D

Project Data

BIM Management & Coordination, Modeling, Laser Scanning