Infrastructure Improvements – Town of Milford/Old Town Water District

Milford & Old Town, Maine

photo of sewer grate removed from sewer entrance

Project Scope

Since the mid 1990’s, Haley Ward has assisted the Town of Milford with sanitary sewer, storm drainage, and road design. Since this time, we have designed improvements to pump stations, force main sewers, gravity sewers, roads, and drainage systems. We have assisted the Town with removal of identified Sanitary Sewer Overflows and licensing of one Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO). We continue to assist the Town with monitoring of the CSO and updates to their CSO Master Plan.

Through our diligent work over the last 10 years, we have been able to identify sources of infiltration and inflow that have impacted the municipal sanitary sewer system during high groundwater and rainfall/snowmelt conditions. Our recommendations for improvements, including replacing or relining sewers and manholes throughout Town, has led to a significant reduction in the volume of sanitary sewer that must be treated annually. Some of these projects included the design of a new 12” gravity sewer across the new Milford to Old Town bridge, completing upgrades to 4 below grade dry pit pump stations, lining of sanitary sewer gravity mains along Main Street, drainage and road design improvements for the Emerald Woods Development which included removal of direct stormwater connections to the sanitary system, design of a new permanent flow metering station, and design of the Sandy Point Road sewer system.

We recently completed the design of improvements to approximately 6,000 feet of roadway in the Davenport Street and Main Road neighborhoods. The project area covered eight streets and included improvements to the sanitary sewer system, storm drainage system, water system, sidewalks and Town park. The project was bid jointly with the Town of Milford and the Old Town Water District and was funded in part by the Drinking Water SRF Program and the USDA Rural Development Program.



Project Data

Long Term Consulting Services Identifying Sources of Infiltration and Inflow and the Impacts
Improvement Recommendations Resulting in a Significant Reduction in Annual Sanitary Sewer Treatment