Cogeneration Fuel Handling

Northern New Hampshire

photo of industrial equipment

Project Scope

With the recent acquisition of  Mohlin & Company in 2016, Haley Ward is pleased to expand and provide engineering services for the design of structural supports including conveyor bents, trusses, transfer tower and hog screen building. Examples of work performed by our Saco office for a major wood fired cogeneration facility in northern New Hampshire, specifically, structural steel design include the following:

  • Truck dumper unloading conveyor
  • Fuel processing building
  • Stack out conveyor
  • Tripper conveyor
  • Transfer tower
  • North and south reclaim conveyor
  • Boiler feed conveyor
  • Twin screw feeder
  • Hog and screen building
  • Reclaimer

Working with the fuel handling equipment supplier, our Saco office provided all structural steel design for the supports of the conveyors as well as the design of the hog and screening building and a large transfer tower. Trusses were designed to minimize shipping difficulties and field erection. The hog and screen building not only supported the major equipment but also included monorails and platforms to facilitate ease in future maintenance.



Project Data

Provided All Structural Steel Design Supports of Conveyors, Hog and Screen Building, Large Transfer Tower
Truss Design Minimized Shipping Difficulties and Field Erection