Plumbing Engineering Services

Haley Ward’s plumbing engineering team has the ability to design and create complex plumbing engineering solutions to meet the everchanging requirements of global development and public health.

Solutions may include, but are not limited to the following systems:

  • Emergency Safety Tempered Water Loops (Eyewash/Showers)
  • Rain/Gray Water Collection & Reuse
  • Medical Gases
  • Waste Vacuum
  • Lube/Oil/ATF
  • LPG/NG/Synthetic NG
  • “Sovent” Waste
  • Domestic Hot Water
  • Solar Preheat
  • LEED/NetZero/Passive House
  • Utility Assessments
  • Fire Protection
  • Legionella Risk Assessments

Well-thought-out plumbing system that ensure the efficient flow of water, gases, and waste materials will help aid in the success of all projects. From large-scale industrial projects to residential buildings, the design considerations for plumbing systems encompass factors such as pipe sizing, material selection, fixture placement, and hydraulic calculations. By comprehensively examining the diverse occupancy types related to different means and methods, we can unlock valuable insights into the specialized plumbing needs of different buildings, ultimately creating safe, efficient, and sustainable plumbing solutions for a wide range of structures.

Haley Ward’s plumbing engineering team works closely with customers, partners and suppliers to promote sustainable and energy efficient systems while anticipating future requirements and optimizing business processes.


Included but not limited to:

  • Healthcare: Sterile processing department, Emergency Department, Behavioral Health, Imaging, Etc
  • Criminal Justice: Re-entry Centers, Prisons/Jails
  • Clean Manufacturing: Semiconductor, Food/Beverage, Pharmaceutical
  • Government: Public Works, Reserve Centers, Military Bases
  • Education: Science Labs, Dormitories
  • Residential: Multi-family Residences
  • Commercial Kitchen & Laundry