Sustainability. Capitalizing on incentives. Deadlines.    Our clients in energy production have a lot on their minds.  To lighten their load, we can take on the burden of navigating an increasingly complex ocean of planning, permitting and environmental compliance. At Haley Ward, we help clients develop and maintain energy projects within the boundaries of rules and regulations. We help biomass, solar, gas, oil, hydro and wind clients navigate local, state and federal regulations and permitting processes. We leverage our knowledge and relationships to […]


Industrial clients depend upon Haley Ward to keep them in compliance when expanding their operations. Our clients range from large scale food processors to state-of-the-art mills where products of the future are built.  We understand that investments at these facilities are under critical examination to meet the manufacturing needs of the future. We can help. Our responsive team offers design solutions that help our clients make improvements to enhance efficiency.     


We recognize that institutional buildings are more than just structures. They serve as physical spaces in which an organization’s mission is implemented. We offer a broad range of disciplines to help such structures function for their intended purpose. We listen to clients and respond with solutions of value, whether its renovating an existing space with an architectural focus, upgrading the HVAC systems or environmental testing for safety.  

Land Development

We  identify and implement approaches to maximize project potential, ensuring an optimal return on clients’ investment.  Constraints don’t scare us – as problem solvers, they excite us.  We will think outside the box to work within it.   At Haley Ward, we draw upon our pool of technical experts to create teams with the depth of experience and knowledge specifically required by each individual project.  From land […]

Municipal & County

From our inception, Haley Ward focused on civil engineering work for municipalities.  This continues as a company focus, and as municipalities’ needs have evolved, so has our service portfolio.  Put simply we do more for our clients because we deliver on their needs because at Haley Ward, we listen.  At Haley Ward, our range of services is supported by our talented and experienced group […]

State & Federal Government

At Haley Ward, we house premier groups of experts across the wide range of services we offer. Using this knowledge and expertise, allows us to be a trusted source that helps reduce risk and increases performance for our state and federal government clients. Our growth in recent years means we have an increased capacity to […]