As-Built Surveys

Elevate Precision in Construction with Haley Ward’s As-Built Survey Services

Haley Ward is proud to introduce our As-Built Survey services as a pivotal component of our advanced BIM Service Line. Our expert team employs cutting-edge technology to capture and document the existing conditions of structures with unparalleled precision. Through meticulous on-site measurements, laser scanning, and 3D modeling, we ensure that your project’s digital representation aligns seamlessly with its physical reality. Haley Ward’s As-Built Survey services provide a solid foundation for accurate design, renovation, and construction decisions, facilitating a smoother transition from concept to reality.

In situations where drawings are outdated, existing conditions are not accurately reflected, and a quick turnaround is imperative, Haley Ward’s experienced team steps in. Our thorough as-built survey involves measuring and identifying features that need updating within CAD, Revit®, or other software packages. With a proven track record, we have successfully completed detailed measure-ups for various facilities, including hospitals, biomedical structures, large retail outlets, commercial grocery chains, and private homes. What sets us apart is not just our technological prowess but also the adaptability of our OSHA10-Hour certified team to your specific facility or site conditions. Trust Haley Ward’s As-Built Survey services for precision and efficiency in bringing your project from conception to realization.

Why Choose Haley Ward?

By integrating As-Built Surveys into our BIM services, Haley Ward equips clients with a comprehensive understanding of their existing structures. This detailed and accurate representation serves as a reliable basis for informed decision-making, reducing potential challenges during construction and renovation projects. Our commitment to precision and innovation ensures that your project unfolds with efficiency and accuracy, setting the stage for successful outcomes. Choose Haley Ward’s As-Built Survey services to embark on a construction journey where every detail matters, and the digital blueprint aligns flawlessly with the physical reality.