Architectural Design

Architectural Design up close photo of large rolled up papers on table in office

A natural addition to Haley Ward’s growing building services unit, we have Architectural Services to support the client-centered, team-driven design process. Our approach considers all aspects of design, the needs of the many stakeholders involved in a project, and the effective use of clients’ resources to produce affordable designs.


  • Public Safety Projects
  • Master Planning
  • Existing Facilities Renovation
  • Code Compliance
  • Historic Preservation

Our designs are informed by our technical expertise and the rigor we use in satisfying architectural needs and programs. Our business practices require us to be forthright, honest and clear in the project scopes we develop. The power of good architecture lies in its ability to make the world a better place when it is put in the service of clients and communities. This belief sustains our architectural services and informs our art and goals as well as our ultimate purpose as locally based, globally thinking architectural designers.