System Planning: Master Planning, Modeling & Capital Improvement Plans

Maintaining a municipality’s infrastructure requires both sound engineering and the coordination of many influences. Haley Ward brings extensive experience in municipal budgeting, funding applications and administrative services as part of a client’s long term master planning and capital improvements. We also specialize in grant administration and have successfully worked with federal and state programs.

Master Planning

  • Use of Best Technology Matched to Site Constraints
  • Review of Water & Wastewater Treatment Adequacy, Needs & Inventory
  • Operational Improvements & Improvements to Service Delivery Efficiencies
  • Conceptual Design & Feasibility Studies
  • System Planning & Design
  • Construction/Construction Management
  • CDBG Assistance & Admin
  • Utility Mapping Systems/
  • GIS Mapping
  • Review of Existing Water & Wastewater Mgmt Plans for Regulatory Compliance

Capital Improvement Plans

  • Grant Administration/SRF Program, EDA, USDA/RD, CDS
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis/Rate Studies
  • Cost Estimates/Bidding Assistance
  • Development Peer Review
  • Phased Construction Programs


  • SRF
  • EDA
  • CDBG
  • Congressional Directed Spending


  • Pipe Flow Models for Optimum Pump & Pipe Sizing
  • Water Quality Models Designed to Evaluate efficiencies & Alternative Technologies
  • Mass Balance Analysis of Nutrient Loading
  • Streamflow Analysis
  • Hydraulic Analysis of Flow Gradients thru Treatment Plant
  • Collection System Modeling & Flow Projections for Master Planning