Solid, Special & Hazardous Waste Management

Solid Waste photo of giant cubes of trash at an industrial plant

Haley Ward offers integrated services that can address client needs throughout the entire solid waste cycle. We are your trusted partner in Solid, Special, and Hazardous Waste Management services, providing comprehensive solutions to address the intricate challenges of waste disposal and compliance. Our team of environmental experts is committed to assisting clients in navigating the complex regulatory landscape surrounding solid, special, and hazardous waste. From waste characterization and management planning to regulatory compliance and sustainable disposal practices, Haley Ward ensures that your organization meets environmental standards while efficiently managing waste streams.

Our Solid, Special, and Hazardous Waste Management services encompass a range of activities, and our experienced professionals collaborate closely with clients to develop tailored waste management strategies that align with their operational needs and environmental goals. Whether you are dealing with industrial, commercial, or institutional waste, our team delivers innovative solutions that prioritize safety, sustainability, and regulatory compliance. Choose Haley Ward for a comprehensive and reliable approach to Solid, Special, and Hazardous Waste Management, ensuring your organization’s commitment to responsible environmental practices while meeting regulatory requirements.


  • Landfill & Transfer Station Design / Construction
  • Operational Services
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Landfill and Transfer Station Site Investigations