Roadways, Bridgework & Parking Lots

Haley Ward has extensive and diverse road design experience that uses our engineering and surveying capabilities. Haley Ward provides expertise in road, bridge and street design, multi-modal trails, stream crossings, and large culvert/bridge design. Engineering standards and local ordinances affect the width, length, radius, grade, drainage and construction of roads, streets, and paths. Demand can influence the need for new streets, trails, bridges, or parking spaces. Below are some of the services that we offer in this category.

As an engineering consultant, Haley Ward:

  • Takes a sensible approach and develops a solution that meets budget and optimizes the impact of all funding
  • Works collaboratively with all stakeholders to make the project as seamless as possible
  • Provides consistent oversight to safeguard the quality and efficiency of construction
  • Delivers a quality engineered solution that is functional, reliable, and visually appealing


  • Road & Parking Lot Designs
  • Traffic Impact Site Evaluations
  • Land Use Permitting & Development
  • Recreational Trails
  • Road Resurfacing
  • Pile & Spread Footing Foundation Analysis
  • Construction Oversight
  • Multi-modal Trails
  • Bridge & Culvert Design & Repair
  • Utility Line Attachments to Bridges
  • Headwalls & Basins
  • Municipal Utility & Road Extensions
  • Grant Application Assistance
  • Intersection Improvements


  • Easthampton, MA
  • Brookfield, MA
  • Chester, MA
  • Spencer, MA
  • Lancaster, MA
  • Greenville, ME
  • Waterville, ME
  • Municipal Review Committee
  • National Park Service
  • Department of Energy & Environmental Protection – CT
  • Private Land Trusts & Corporations
  • Department of Defense
  • Maine Department of Transportation
  • Private Developers