Amtrak Downeaster Brunswick Layover Facility

Brunswick, Maine

photo of the Amtrak Coast Starlight (Los Angeles - Seattle) train at Moorpark, California.

Project Scope

Historic records indicate that the approximately eight-acre Site was developed around 1850 for railroad related activities. Rail operations continued at the Site until the 1980’s.  Based on the information and data collected during the completion of past Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, the Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority (NNEPRA) submitted a Voluntary Response Action Program (VRAP) application to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP). In a September 12, 2011, No Action Assurance Letter, the MDEP approved the remedial actions proposed in the VRAP application. As part of the conditions of approval, Haley Ward prepared a Soil Management Plan (SMP) for the Site in October 2014 which outlines handling and disposal requirements for coal ash impacted soils disturbed during Site redevelopment activities.

This project has led to expanded service of the Amtrak Downeaster commuter train by providing a state of the art facility to maintain equipment and prepare the train for daily service to Boston, Massachusetts.

Haley Ward’s Activities For This Project Included:

  • Developed a Health and Safety Plan for the Project.
  • Developed a Soil Management Plan for coal ash and ash impacted soil encountered on the Site.
  • Developed a Dewatering Plan to manage groundwater that might be encountered during construction activities.
  • Conducted a groundwater quality investigation and prepared a report detailing Site conditions.
  • Provided on-site construction and environmental monitoring (dust, presence of coal ash, coal ash consolidation).
  • Provided expert testimony at a MDEP public hearing to address concerns raised by a local opposition group.
  • Participated in a Site tour during construction with interested local citizens.
  • Prepared a VRAP Summary Report and received a Certificate of Completion from MDEP that led to an Environmental Deed Covenant prepared by NNEPRA to be recorded in the Registry of Deeds.



Project Data

Prepared Soil Management Report Providing guidance for the handling and disposal for coal ash impacted soils disturbed during Site redevelopment activities.
Expert Testimony Addressed concerns from citizens.
VRAP Summary Report Leading to an Environmental Deed Covenant