Abbott Laboratories

Scarborough, Maine

Project Scope

In 2020, Abbott Laboratories, a global healthcare company, demonstrated an exceptional response to the urgent need for widespread COVID-19 testing by expanding and renovating a manufacturing facility in Maine dedicated to the production of rapid COVID-19 tests. Recognizing the critical role of diagnostics in managing the pandemic, Abbott Labs strategically expanded its manufacturing capabilities to enhance the accessibility and availability of COVID-19 testing solutions. The Maine facility became a crucial hub to produce rapid tests, contributing significantly to the national and global efforts to curb the spread of the virus. The team at Haley Ward’s BIM Service Line was on the front lines of this project, providing laser scanning, modeling, and coordination to this pivotal and historic project.

Haley Ward scanned both the exterior and interior of the existing building and even took drone imagery, to provide the conditions of the existing building to begin modeling for the renovation and expansion. Once the scans were registered and a point cloud created, they were used as a starting point for creating the design which called for a lot of specialized equipment, and a rate of speed not seen in any previous projects.

The scans that the BIM team provided found major issues in the building ahead of time, allowing the architects and engineers to have important information to incorporate in the design ahead of time, saving money, and most importantly time, in the long run. After the scanning, the team continued to work through clash detection and modeling, working together with the architecture team and general contractors towards a common goal- keeping America safe and healthy.

The biggest challenge in this project was the speed at which everything needed to be completed. The faster the facility was completed, the faster home COVID tests got into the hands of the people who needed them. This meant not only working a large number of hours but pushing aside all other projects and clients for the greater good of the country.

In the end, the hard work that the Haley Ward team put into this project not only allowed Abbot Laboratories to move swiftly and efficiently to address the global pandemic but also spun off to many other projects for our BIM Service line.



Laser Scanning, BIM Management & Coordination, Modeling

Project Data

BIM Management & Coordination, Modeling, Laser Scanning