Interior Design

Interior Design is an important component of Haley Ward’s Building Services. Our interiors service is versatile and tailored to each client. We focus on creating appealing, functional, and cohesive interior spaces, for various building types. We collaborate with clients to develop interior layouts, select finishes, furniture, fixtures, and equipment, while considering factors like aesthetics, ergonomics, spatial organization, and user experience.

During programming, we work closely with our clients to identify their desires and budget constraints to create a functional layout that works for their needs. Our NCIDQ certified Interior Designer helps clients visualize their space through finish presentations and renderings while communicating effectively the design intent with team members. Our team understands that coordination between vendors, owners, construction personnel, architects and engineers is critical to move the project forward successfully.


Includes but not limited to :

  • Multi-Unit Housing & Shared Spaces
  • Commercial
  • Education: K-12 & Higher Ed
  • Residential
  • Government Bases & Shared Spaces

Interior Design Services

Include but not limited to:

  • Programming & Space Planning
  • Concept Imagery
  • Interior Finish Selections
  • Lighting, Hardware & Fixture Selections
  • Design Presentations
  • Construction Documentation
  • Interior Specifications
  • Construction Administration & Project Management
  • Coordinating Furniture Selections & Installation with Owner & Vendors

By incorporating interior design services into your project, the building’s interior spaces can be optimized for their intended purpose, creating a pleasant and functional environment for occupants.