Indian Mountain School – Creating The Future

Engineers Week February 19-25, 2023

Indian Mountain School is a private boarding and day school serving students from pre-k through ninth grade. Located on 600 acres in northwest Connecticut, the campus provides both a beautiful backdrop, and ample opportunities for learning.

Professionals from Haley Ward (formerly Lenard Engineering) have served the engineering needs of the school since 2006. Projects have included:

  • New Dormitory and Faculty Housing – site plans and permitting for a new dormitory and faculty housing facility which included utility connections, and “green” stormwater treatment including a grass paver parking area and a rain garden.
  • Student Center – A site plan and permitting for a new 8,700 square foot student center, which included  new parking areas, pedestrian pathways, utility connections, and stormwater management.
  • Outdoor Working Lab – Our team worked with the school to develop a plan to tuck a small remote classroom into the edge of a wooded area on with the goal of having a close-to-nature learning environment. 
  • Tennis Courts- Designed and secured permits to replace the schools three aging courts with six new courts.
  • New Septic System- The designing and overseeing the construction of two new septic systems meeting stringent Department of Energy and Environmental Protection criteria.
  • New Field House and Assembly Area Renovations- Working with a project team, we designed the site plan for a new 22,000 square foot field house, new athletic field, and related facilities which is currently under construction. With the new field house coming opening very soon, the school also is taking this opportunity to repurpose its existing gymnasium into a new assembly space, repurposing the existing assembly area into a new cafeteria, and building two small additions to improve the entryways, which our team is helping to design.

The work that the Haley Ward team has done and continues to do at IMS has and will continue to have a big impact on the quality of life and student learning for years to come. Just another way the team of engineers at Haley Ward is helping to create the future!