Geology & Hydrogeology

Geology & Hydrogeology photo of four engineers working on equipment in a large field

Geology is a broad field that encompasses a host of specialized subdisciplines such as geophysics, sedimentology, geochemistry, geomorphology, and hydrogeology. At Haley Ward, we apply our
expertise in near surface geological processes, hydrogeology, and
material resources to both environmental and engineering investigations.

The application of these and many other sub-disciplines allows us to understand the framework within which we must work to solve environmental problems.

Haley Ward has experts in many fields of geology who have worked on a range of geological projects. These have included borrow source, quarry investigations and permitting, groundwater supply investigation and development, geological hazard avoidance, environmental impact assessments, and many more.

Materials Inventory & Resource Planning

  • Construction Material Mapping & Inventory
  • Mining Layout & Design
  • Baseline Water Quality Assessments & Monitoring

Geological Hazard & Construction Support

  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Evaluation of Developments in At-risk Environments
  • Flood Plain Identification and Planning
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Measures
  • Third Party Erosion Control Inspections


  • Design of Aquifer Pumping Tests for Well Yield Evaluation
  • Water Well Design
  • Aquifer Mapping
  • Terranes & Porous Media

Expansion Studies & Permitting (Hydrogeological Studies)

  • Material Feasibility Determinations
  • Mineral Resource Development
  • Resource Utilization Planning.