Environmental Monitoring

photo of industrial measuring rulers in large grassy field

Haley Ward’s trained and qualified field staff has extensive experience in conducting groundwater, surface water, pore water, residential, and gas monitoring. Our experience includes all aspects of these programs to ensure compliance with State and Federal standards and guidelines. Haley Ward utilizes up-to-date sampling equipment technology to handle any sampling request. We have experience developing and implementing Environmental Monitoring Plans (EMP), Sampling Analysis Plans (SAP), and Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP) to make sure the requirements of your monitoring program are being met.

Our projects typically involve coordination with clients to determine their needs, coordination with laboratories, sampling in accordance with proper protocols, assessment of laboratory reports and comparison to regulatory standards, data management of laboratory reports, and reporting of the lab results and field observations to clients and regulators.  Typical environmental services provided include:

  • Groundwater and Surface Water Monitoring & Data Management
  • Residential Well Monitoring
  • Landfill Gas Monitoring
  • Landfill Flare Gas Monitoring
  • Leak Detection System Monitoring
  • Leachate Collection System Monitoring
  • Porewater Device Installations and Monitoring
  • Storm Water Monitoring
  • Wastewater Effluent and Spray Irrigation Site Monitoring
  • Special Waste Sampling (Ash, Soil, etc).
  • Soil Sampling