Employee Highlight: Nathan Rice, PLS

National Surveyors Week 2024

This National Surveyors Week we would like to introduce you to Haley Ward Project Manager, Nathan Rice, PLS.

Nate’s journey into surveying began at just 14 years old, working as a Land Surveyor’s Assistant. After high school, he explored the hospitality industry, but a desire for a different path led him back to surveying when his father established Rice Surveying Services, PA.

Driven by a love for the outdoors and a fascination with the historical and investigative aspects of surveying, Nate decided to go back to school, earning an Associate of Applied Science in Civil Engineering Technology from Eastern Maine Community College, and a Bachelor of Science in Surveying Engineering Technology from The University of Maine. In 2021, Nate obtained his Professional Land Surveyor License.

Attracted by Haley Ward’s diverse projects and growth opportunities, Nate joined the team in 2022. Starting as a Land Surveyor, he quickly advanced to his current role as Project Manager. As a Project Manager, Nate is responsible for overseeing all aspects of a project from the initial client request, all the way to the completed project. This role requires constant and clear communication with the project team, client, and other subcontractors who may be involved.

When asked about his role, Nate describes surveying as akin to solving a puzzle, finding the constant challenge of tackling new problems invigorating. “Surveying is as much about art as it is about science and math. We hold principles firmly, yet sometimes we need to step back and view the entire picture to make the correct decision. It’s essentially quantifying what’s outside, searching for spatial truth.” His enthusiasm for exploring the lesser-known corners of Maine further enriches his work experience. Nate attributes much of his job satisfaction to the exceptional team at Haley Ward, highlighting the trust, flexibility, and autonomy granted by his superiors. He relishes the opportunity to collaborate with professionals from various fields, including engineers, contractors, and environmental scientists, on intriguing and complex projects.

Outside of work, Nate enjoys spending even more time outdoors, honing his culinary skills, and being a “Cat Dad” to Baxter, who was rescued from a car engine during the pandemic. His advice to aspiring surveyors? Gain experience as a Survey Technician or assistant, take classes to gauge interest, and embrace the challenge and beauty of outdoor work for a fulfilling career in surveying.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Haley Ward’s team of surveyors can help you, please visit https://haleyward.com/surveying-service-line/