Sarah L. Weatherbee

Project Scientist

Sarah joined the Haley Ward team after working for over 10 years in environmental science, including positions in academic research, government, education, and environmental consulting.  Through her work, she conducted natural resource and protected species investigations, monitoring, public interpretation, education, and conservation.  She has led field investigations, resource surveys, and prepared technical reports, plans, and permits.   Sarah has worked with a variety of clients and with local, State, and Federal regulators.  She has completed resource identification and assessment for a variety of ecosystems including freshwater, marine, intertidal, and upland systems.  Sarah has utilized Geographic Information Systems (GIS) such as Global Mapper and ArcGIS as well as Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to model terrain, locate suitable sites, create resource maps, and schematic drawings of structures to forecast environmental impacts and provide recommendations to clients and agencies.